How to Install a Tool Bar

by Kayla Lowe

Tool bars provide you with functions that are optimized for your interests, and they are commonly used in Internet browsers to enhance your browsing experience. You can install a weather tool bar, local news tool bars, gaming tool bars, social networking tool bars and search engine tool bars, for example. If you want to install a tool bar on your computer, the process requires only basic computer skills.

Launch your Internet browser and navigate to the download location of the tool bar that you want to install on your computer.

Click on the download link or button. Click the "Run" button in the pop-up menu that appears.

Click on the "Install" button. Follow the instructions within the installation wizard to complete the installation.


  • check Click the "Save" button if you want to save the installation software to your computer to install at a later time.


  • close Pay attention to the installation wizard and remove any checkmarks that allow the wizard to install any third-party software to your computer that you may not want.

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