How to Install European Maps on a TomTom ONE 3rd Edition

by Melissa King
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The TomTom ONE third edition offers traffic updates, Bluetooth hands-free calling and MapShare, a feature that allows users to edit details of their maps. This GPS device comes installed with a map of North America; however, you may want to add a map for another area, such as Australia, South America or Europe. After purchasing your map, you can install it using the free TomTom HOME software, which facilitates data transfer between the device and your computer.

Step 1

Download the free TomTom HOME application (see Resources). Choose "Save File," and follow all on-screen prompts to complete installation of the program. Leave the program open. If you already have TomTom HOME saved to your computer, open the program from the start menu.

Step 2

Connect the ONE to the computer using its USB cable. Click the "Back up and Restore" option in HOME's main menu. Click "Back up my device," then "Back up now." Wait for the back up to complete, and click "Done."

Step 3

Click "Log in" from the HOME main menu to enter your TomTom account. Click "Update my device" if the program does not recognize the map you have purchased and downloaded.

Step 4

Click on the map you want to install, then click the check box next to "Update and install." The map downloads to the GPS device. Click "Done" when this finishes. Disconnect the TomTom from the USB cable.

Switch to the European map by tapping "Manage maps" on the GPS' preference menu, then "Switch map."


  • Do not remove the TomTom from the computer during data transfer. This can cause incomplete data to be uploaded to the device.


  • To purchase a European map for the TomTom ONE 3rd edition, visit this page on the TomTom site:


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