How to Install a Taskbar

by Marissa Robert

Windows has a taskbar that allows you to navigate between different open applications. It comes with Windows. There are also several options about where to install it and what it looks like. Linux also has a taskbar, called a panel, with similar properties and options about how to install it in different places on the desktop. Macs do not have a taskbar, though OS X does have a Dock allowing shortcuts to chosen applications and files.

Turn on your computer and allow it to boot. Taskbars are installed at the bottom of the desktop by default in both Windows and many Linux installations. If it is not on the bottom of the screen, locate it. The Dock is located near the bottom of the screen on OS X.

Right-click on the taskbar. In Windows, uncheck next to the option that says "Lock the Taskbar." Drag and drop your taskbar to the area of the screen where you want it: your options are the top, bottom and either side. In Linux, right-click on the panel and click "New Panel." Continue clicking "New Panel" until the taskbar appears on the side, top or bottom where you want it. Mac does not allow you to move the Dock and install it elsewhere.

Finalize your taskbar. In Windows, hold the mouse over the edge of the taskbar until it shows two arrows pointing in opposite directions. Then drag the edge far enough over so you can read the applications you can switch between. Right-click on the taskbar and check next to "Lock the Taskbar." In Linux, right-click on the taskbars you do not want and click "Delete Panel," leaving the new taskbar.

Add programs or applications as shortcuts on the taskbar. In Windows, right-click on the application's icon and drag and drop it into the quicklaunch menu on the taskbar. In Linux, right click on the taskbar and select "Add to Panel." Then choose the items you want added to the taskbar. To add an item to the Mac Dock, drag and drop the icon from its regular location on the Dock. This works for folders and files as well as applications.

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