How to Install a SYS File

By Greyson Ferguson

A SYS file is an extremely important file when it comes to Microsoft Windows. These particular files contain important information and codes on the hardware being run on the system. With this being said, if any particular SYS file were to become damaged or removed, it could create sever problems for the rest of the computer system. Because of the importance of the files, it is best to only accept them from sources you trust.

Click on the "Available SYS File" link located in Resources. Once clicked, it will lead to a list of SYS files. Select the file you want to download by clicking the blue text. The page will change, and you will be shown information about the SYS file. Click the underlined link, which will be on the bottom row of the right column. A new page will appear with a red "Download Now" button. Click it to download the file.

Open the downloaded SYS file by double-clicking the desktop icon. This will open the file's installation wizard.

Follow the prompts to install the file. Because it is not an actual program, there will be fewer steps involved. The installation will begin and will take only a moment.

Click "Finish" once the installation has completed. The SYS file will now be installed on your computer.