How to Install Stands on Toshiba Panel TVs

By J. Anthony Cooley

Televisions are packaged to take up as little space as possible, which is why they come with the stands disassembled. Assembling the stand for your Toshiba TV is a fairly straightforward task. Using common household tools, the process of connecting the stand to your Toshiba TV only takes a couple of minutes.

Place a blanket over the TV screen and lay the TV face down. The blanket helps keep the screen from becoming scratched.

Slide the post of the TV stand up into the television through the slot located at the bottom. Push firmly on the bottom of the TV stand to make sure it is all the way in the TV; ensure the stand is completely in the TV so that the screw holes of the stand and television are aligned.

Insert the screws through the back of the TV and tighten them into the stand using a Phillips screwdriver. Stand the television up and remove the blanket.