How to Install SSL Certificates

by Jackson Lewis

Secure Sockets Layer certificates are the industry standard for protecting information being transmitted over the Internet between a website and a consumer. SSL technologies will encrypt transaction data between the client and server computers without the consumer having to take manual action to protect his information. In order to provide secure services to your clients via your website, you need to install SSL certificates on your website is required to support secure transactions via which the client will pass sensitive personal information to your website.

Open the file that contains your certificate and save it to the web server with the name "Your Web Site.cer."

From the "File" menu, select "Start>Adminstrator Tools>Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager" and left-click the server name.

In the "Security" section of the server menu, choose the "Server Certificates" menu button. Then left-click the "Complete Certificate Request" menu choice, which will start the Certificate Wizard.

Select the .Cer file that was previously saved to the server and enter an alias name to refer to the certificate on the server in the available text file. Select the "OK" menu button to install the certificate to your server.

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