How to Install a Sound Blaster Sound Card

by Randall Shatto

Sound Blaster sound cards are high tech in gaming and videos. There are several models including PCI Express, Audigy SE and Wireless Audio. PCI Express cards require a motherboard that allows PCI Express components. For the installation of the regular Sound Blaster cards, a motherboard with normal PCI slots is a requirement. The Wireless Audio installs in desktop as well as laptop computers with a USB connection. Check your motherboard specifications before you purchase a Sound Blaster sound card.


Open the computer case. For a tower, remove the screws on the right panel in the back. For a case, push the button on each side of the top panel. It slides backwards toward the power cord outlet.


Locate a PCI port. PCI and PCI express are similar in design. They have a thin slot in which your card inserts. View the connection tab on your Sound Blaster sound card. This part of the card slides into the PCI port. PCI express ports are about half the size of normal PCI slots.


Remove the casing tab. Generally, towers and cases come with a metal tab that you must remove before adding components. This is to keep dust out of the tower until you install a card. Remove the screw holding it into place or wiggle the tab until it comes off.


Insert the Sound Blaster sound card. Place the card over the slot with the connector on the card level with the PCI port. The speaker connections should be facing the outside of the tower. Insert the card tightly. Secure into place with a screw. A PCI express card inserts the same way, only the slot and the card connector are smaller.


Set up the Sound Blaster driver. Place the disk in the CD/DVD drive. It will auto-run. Select "Install" or "Install Driver." Reboot your computer. If you download the driver, unzip or click on the "*.exe" file to install.

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