How to Install a Second Hard Drive in a Dell

By Jeffrey Ober

When you want to expand the storage space on your computer, one of the least expensive ways is to add a second hard drive. There are many types of hard drives made today, available at electronics stores and general department stores. Just about every computer made today has all the parts and connections that are needed to add a second hard drive, to make your task quicker.

Open your computer case. You will find one or two thumbscrews on the back of the case and the side of the case will slide backwards and open.

Slide your drive into an open space in the drive bay. To locate a drive bay, look inside the computer, near the front, you will find a metal square structure. Inside this structure you will see another hard drive, the same shape as the one you are about to add. There will be space above and/or below that drive. Select one of those spaces for your new hard drive.

Use the screws that were included with your new hard drive to attach your new hard drive into place. The screws will go through the metal structure and into the hard drive.

Plug a power cable into the hard drive. This will be an extra cable with red and yellow wires that is in the case. It will be the same as another power cable leading to your first hard drive. It does not matter which power cable you use.

Use the data cable that came with your hard drive and attach one end to the hard drive. Examine both ends of the data cable, only one end will attach to the hard drive. If one end does not fit, use the other end.

Plug the other end of the data cable into the motherboard. To locate the correct place, follow the data cable from the first hard drive to the motherboard. There should be an additional plug for the second hard drive on the motherboard near the plug for the first cable.

Close the computer case and turn your computer on. Your new hard drive is now installed and ready for use.