How to Install a Seagate Hard Drive

by Larry Amon

If your computer is older and you're running low on resources, you probably want to upgrade. Installing a hard drive may sound difficult, but it actually isn't a complicated job. Seagate is a reliable hard drive manufacturer. Whether you're upgrading or replacing a damaged hard drive, you can install a Seagate hard drive in a few easy steps.

Disconnect the power on your computer and open up the case door. Discharge any static electricity.

Remove older hard drives if necessary. Disconnect the power and data cable. Unscrew the hard drive from the case. You may need to open the other side of the case and remove screws on the opposite side.

Set the drive to master or slave. If this is an IDE drive that will be the only drive in use, move the jumper on the back of the drive to single or master. There will be a picture on the drive showing the jumper's proper position for master, single, slave or cable select. If it will used as a secondary drive, set the drive to slave. SATA drives do not require a master or slave designation.

Install the drive by attaching the screws into the drive bay area in the front bottom of the case. Connect the power and data cables to the drive. If the data cable has two connections, make sure the appropriate one is used depending on its master or slave drive status.

Restart the computer. The hard drive should be recognized automatically. Use Windows to format the hard drive.

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