How to Install a ScanSnap

By Ashley Donohoe

ScanSnap scanners let you scan high-quality documents and photos.
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Fujitsu makes ScanSnap scanners for the home and office. These scanners come in compact sizes and can scan high-quality images. In addition, some models can scan multi-page double-sided documents. Before you can use your ScanSnap scanner, you need to install the scanner's drivers and the included software CDs.

Plug in your ScanSnap's AC adapter and connect its USB cable to an available USB port on your computer. Turn the ScanSnap on and click "Locate and install driver software (recommended)" when Windows displays the "Found New Hardware" window.

Click "Continue" on the "User Account Control" window, if necessary. Select "Install this driver software anyway" when Windows prompts that it cannot verify the driver's publisher.

Insert the "Adobe Acrobat CD" if you do not have it installed already. Click the folder icon to start the installation and follow the onscreen instructions. Insert the "ABBYY FineReader CD" and click "Install." Double-click the "Setup.exe" file in the folder window that appears and follow the onscreen instructions for installation.

Insert the "ScanSnap Setup CD-ROM" and click "Install Products" on the setup window. Select "Typical" for the installation type and click "Next." Restart your computer after the installation completes. Insert the "Rack2-Filer Setup CD-ROM" if you wish to install a trial version of the software. Click "Install Product" and follow the onscreen prompts to complete installation.