How to Install a Sandisk Flash Drive

by C. Taylor

Installing a Sandisk USB flash drive on your Windows 7 machine couldn't be easier. In some previous versions of Windows, drivers were required before Windows would recognized the flash drive. However, with Windows 7, all necessary drivers and software are automatically installed, so the drive is ready for use just seconds after insertion.


Insert your Sandisk USB flash drive into an available port on your computer. The flash drive will only insert one way, so if you have difficulty inserting it, rotate it and try again.


Wait a few seconds for Windows 7 to automatically recognize the drive. If this is your first time inserting the drive, a pop-up balloon appears stating the drive is ready for use.


Click "Open folder to view files" in the "AutoPlay" window to open Windows Explorer, so you can drag and drop files into your Sandisk USB flash drive. Alternatively, you can select "Speed up my system" to use the drive as a type of external RAM via Windows ReadyBoost. In the "ReadyBoost" window, click "Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost," and click "OK."