How to Install a Samsung Ultra Slim Wall Mount

By Denise Sullivan

Save money by installing your Samsung Ultra Slim Wall Mount yourself.
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If you buy a Samsung flat-screen TV, do not waste money paying a store employee to mount it on your wall. Installing a Samsung Ultra Slim Wall Mount is a simple task that you can do at home in minutes. You do not even need a wall stud to hang your TV. However, you may need an assistant to help if you have a large television. Having two people lift the TV is safer and reduces the chances that you will drop it.


The Samsung Ultra Slim Wall Mount uses a cord and disc design that works like a picture frame, pulling the back of the TV close against the wall. It is certified and tested by Samsung, so you can be assured that it will not damage your television. Any damage caused by a third-party wall mount may not be covered under your Samsung warranty. The Samsung wall mount is compliant with the latest design standards from the Video Electronic Standards Association and is rated to hold up to 49.9 kilograms or 110 pounds.


Find the indented slots on the back of the television. These slots hold the anchors for the mounting wire. Attach the anchors to the TV, and tighten the screws. Turn the two knobs to adjust the tightness of the wire. The wire will hold the weight of the TV when it is mounted. Looser wires let the TV hang lower on the wall.


Decide where you want to mount your Samsung TV. You will need a clear space on the wall with no obstructions. Mark the center of the location where you will be mounting the TV with a pencil so that you have a reference point. Measure 3 1/2 inches on either side of that point, and make another mark. You should have two marks on your wall seven inches apart. Use a level to make sure that the marks are in a straight line.


Drill holes in the wall where you made your two marks. If you are installing the anchor into drywall, push a drywall anchor into each hole, and insert a screw. For wall studs and other sturdy materials, you may drive the screw directly into the wall without using an anchor. Tighten each screw with a screwdriver. Place the wall mount over the screws so the holes line up. Tug on the wall mount to make sure it will not pull out of the wall when you hang the TV. Have your assistant help you lift the TV, and place the wire onto the wall mount.