How to Install a Roxio CD Creator

by Brendan O'Brien

Roxio CD Creator is a suite of software that allows users to create and edit their own multimedia assets such as DVDs and CDs. On the Roxio site, users can purchase a download, order a physical CD or upgrade their current software.

Open a browser and type in the url field: "" Wait for the page to load.

Find the green "Buy Download," "Buy Physical" or "Upgrade Now" buttons. Pick one and follow the instructions. If you are buying the Roxio CD Creator product, the site will ask you for credit card and shipping information on the next pages. If you are upgrading, the site will ask you for information about your current software.

Click the "Start" button on the bottom far right of your desktop. Go to and click on "My Computer." A window of drives will appear. Find the Roxio CD Creator drive icon and double click on it.

Decide where you want the Roxio CD Creator software to be saved on your computer. This is for users who used the "Buy Download" or "Upgrade Now" buttons. When you click the icon on the site to download from the site, or when you double clicked after inserting the disc, "File Download - Security Warning" appears.

Hit either the "Run" or "Save" button on the window. If you hit "Run," the software will begin downloading. If you hit "Save," your computer will ask you where you want to save the software. Once you have chosen the place, the system will begin to download the Roxio CD software.

Click on the "Run" button on the next window. This will run the installation software. The Roxio CD Creator software will prompt the user to answer of questions to complete the installation process.


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