How to Install Ringtones

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How you install ringtones on your cellular phone will vary by brand. Some phones use short-message-service (SMS) text messages or wireless-application-protocol (WAP) pages to install ringtones, while others rely on connecting to your computer by data cable or Bluetooth. However your phone installs ringtones, the process is typically user friendly once you get the hang of it.

Install Ringtones via Text Messaging

Use your computer or your Internet-capable cellphone to find a site that provides ringtones, and sign up for that service. Many cellphone providers offer ringtones on the Web.

Choose the ringtones you want, and have them sent to your cellphone by text message. You'll have to provide your cell number and carrier information.

Click on the text message you receive from the ringtone provider. It will either contain a link to the ringtone or a ringtone file.

Install a ringtone by downloading the file onto your cellphone from the link or attachment provided by the text message.

Install Ringtones From Your Computer

Download a ringtone file to your desktop from an online ringtone provider. Make sure the file is in the appropriate file format for your particular cellphone. Ringtone conversion software is available online to convert ringtones into other formats for wider use.

Connect your phone to your computer using the data cable that is supplied with the phone. After-market data cables are also available for purchase.

Sync your phone to your computer using the syncing software provided. Consult your user's manual for additional instructions specific to your brand and model.

Drag the ringtone file from your desktop into the sound folder on your cellphone to install it. The sound folder is usually in the application-data folder, but the location varies by phone.

Disconnect your phone from your computer. You may have to trash the device first to disconnect properly.


  • check Choose a universal ringtone for your cellphone that will serve as the default ringer. Try to pick a ringtone that is unique enough for you to identify, but not so obtrusive as to bother other people.
  • check Designate unique ringtones in your phone book for contacts who call frequently. With this done, you'll know who is calling without even looking at the phone.
  • check Program a special ringtone for unidentified callers. It can alert you when someone you don't know is calling.


  • close Some cellphones, particularly older models, don't accept downloaded ringtones.
  • close Consult your user manual or the online user guide for your specific phone, as some installation instructions vary.

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