How to Install a Recovery Disc

by Peter Thomas

The Windows 7 DVD operates as both an installation medium and a recovery disc when your computer has been damaged. If you are unable to boot your Windows 7 computer or simply encounter many errors or server slowdown upon loading it, you can repair this by loading the recovery menu from the disc and performing a recovery operation from it. Although this will wipe out any custom configurations you may have applied to Windows 7, your files and programs will remain intact.

Insert the Windows 7 installation disc into your optical drive.

Restart your computer.

When prompted to "Press any key to continue," press a key to load the Windows 7 installation prompt.

Choose your default language and your keyboard type, such as "US English" and click "Next."

Click "Repair your computer."

Choose your Windows 7 installation from the list of installed Windows operating systems. On most computers, there will be only one option and this dialogue will not be presented.

Click "System Recovery Options."

Click "System Restore" and select the last good restore point for Windows. Click "Restore" and the system will be automatically restored to this point in its configuration history.

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