How to Install a Free Pop-Up Blocker

by Andrew Smith

Annoying pop-up advertisements can appear in your Web browser even if you are visiting a trustworthy, uncorrupted website. These pop-ups can significantly slow down your computer and Web browsing speed. One way to prevent these windows from popping up as you surf the Web is to install a third-party pop-up blocker. Pop-up blockers are software tools that can be installed onto the Web browser. These tools detect and prevent pop-ups from appearing on the screen.

Go to the pop-up blocker portion of the Cnet downloads website.

Click the name of the pop-up blocker you want to install. The main page for that pop-up blocker opens.

Click Download Now on the pop-up blocker's page. The setup file for the pop-up blocker is downloaded onto the computer.

Double-click the pop-up blocker's setup file. A window appears.

Follow the instructions inside the window for that particular pop-up blocker in order to install it. The instructions will vary based upon the pop-up blocker you're installing, so follow those instructions step-by-step.


  • check Be sure to read the information about each pop-up blocker on Cnet before you install one of these tools. Not every pop-up blocker on the website is 100 percent free to use. You should also read the user and editor reviews for a pop-up blocker before you install it, in order to avoid downloading a poor pop-up blocker.

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