How to Install Pioneer Speakers

By Nichole Liandi

Pioneer is a respected name in car audio, producing car stereos, amplifiers, subwoofers and speakers. It produces speakers in a wide variety of sizes for many aftermarket car audio applications.

Remove your existing speakers. Many retailers who sell Pioneer speakers (such as will provide instructions on how to remove the car's existing speakers when you purchase a new pair of speakers. If you already have your speakers, search on-line references for information.

Cut the connectors off the speaker wires in your car once you've removed the existing speakers. Factory speakers will have specific connectors with matching plugs on the speaker wires--these plugs will not fit your Pioneer speakers and must be removed. Crimp quick-slide connectors onto the factory speaker wiring. Your Pioneer speakers will have tabs that accept quick slide connectors. Find the correct size connector, then strip about 1/2 inch of insulation off the speaker wire, slide the connector on and crimp it into place.

Connect the speaker wires onto your speakers by sliding the quick slide connectors onto the speakers.

Put the speaker into the opening in your car that held the old speaker. Screw the speaker into place with the screws that held the old speaker in place. Tighten until the speaker is secure.