How to Install Pictures on a Computer

by Jay Leon

After taking pictures with a digital camera, the most natural thing to do next is to transfer the images to a computer. With all the digital photography tools available as either online services or as software, you can do virtually anything imaginable to digital photos once they are on your computer. Your digital camera may come with its own photo-management software as well. Whether you want to edit, share or organize your pictures, you are in full control thanks to your computer.

Connect the USB cable to the camera. Plug the other end to a USB port on the computer. Follow the directions in the camera owner's manual to make sure it is properly connected. You may need to turn on the camera if it does not do so automatically.

Wait for the camera to establish a connection with the computer. When the "AutoPlay" dialog box appears, click "Import pictures and videos using Windows."

Enter a tag for the pictures to be copied in the "Tag these pictures" box. Tags are optional but helpful when you search for specific images later on.

Click "Import." Windows 7 will begin copying the pictures to the hard disk. After the transfer completes, Windows will display the imported media in a new folder. By default, the import date and the tag are assigned as the folder name, making it easier to find later.


  • check If the "AutoPlay" prompt does not appear, click "Computer" in the "Start" menu. Right-click the camera and select "Import pictures and videos" from the context menu. The steps are the same as with "AutoPlay."
  • check If your digital camera uses a flash memory card and your computer has a memory card reader, you can insert the card into the reader directly. You would not need the USB cable, and you'd save your camera's battery life.

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