How to Install Pandora Onto Your iPhone (6 Steps)

by Aaron Wein
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Pandora Radio, a free music-streaming service, allows users to create their own radio stations built on a favorite genre, artist or song. The Pandora Radio app is available on the iTunes App Store for any iOS device, including your iPhone. After you install the app to your iPhone, you can log in to your account to play your stations or open a new account and create new ones.

Step 1

Tap the "App Store" icon on your iPhone to open the App Store.

Step 2

Tap "Search" to open a search field.

Step 3

Tap the "Search" field and type "Pandora." Results appear as you type.

Step 4

Tap "Pandora Radio" in the results list.

Step 5

Tap "Free" and tap "Install" to install the app to your iPhone.

Open the app when it finishes downloading and enter your Pandora account email and password and tap "Sign In." If you don't have an account, tap "Register for Free" instead and follow the prompts to create an account.


  • Steps in this article apply to iPhones running iOS 6 and Pandora Radio 4.1. Different versions may require different steps.


  • Create a station by tapping the "+" icon, entering the name of your desired genre, artist or song and selecting from the results list.


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