How to Install OpenOffice on a Flash Drive

by Contributor

OpenOffice is a software package similar to Windows office. It lets you work with Word files and spreadsheet data. If you regularly use Microsoft office, it may take time before you are accustomed to OpenOffice's features and functions. Download the .exe file before you install OpenOffice on a flash drive.

Start your computer and connect to the Internet, preferably with a broadband connection.

Plug your flash drive in the USB port. Make sure the drive is detected. Go to ''My Computer'' and locate the drive. If you are using Mac OS X, the flash drive will appear on your desktop.

Visit the official Web site of OpenOffice (see the link below) and click on the ''Get'' link. Download the file and save it to your flash drive.

Make sure your flash drive has enough space-190 MB-to download and install OpenOffice 2.0.

Open the ''OOo_2.0.4 _Win32Intel_install'' file. Click ''Next'' and press on ''Unpack." Click ''Next'' to continue. Scroll down and check ''I accept the terms in the license agreement." Enter a username and indicate your usage preferences. Click ''Next."

Set your program preferences. 2.0 will automatically open with optional programs such as MS Word, MS Excel and MS PowerPoint. Set OpenOffice 2.0 as a default program to open and edit files with these extensions.

Click on ''Install'' to begin the installation process. Press the ''Finish'' button when done. OpenOffice is now downloaded and installed on your flash drive.


  • check Use high-speed broadband for the file download before installing. A 56K dial-up can take three or more hours to download the entire file.
  • check Print the download and installation tutorial from the Web site, if necessary.

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