How to Install an Older Version of Flash Player

by Contributor

A newer version of a program may be incompatible with an older operating system or may contain unnecessary features that take up too much disk space. When these problems occur, it is desirable to install an older version of the program. Fortunately, many older versions programs, such as Adobe Flash Player, are easy to find on the web.

Uninstall Flash Player

Open the Windows start menu and choose "Control Panel."

Select "Add or Remove Programs."

Select Adobe Flash Player from the list of programs that appear, and select "Remove."

Click "Yes" when asked if you are completely sure you want to remove the selected application and all of its components.

Close the "Add or Remove Programs" window and the "Control Panel" window.

Installing an Old Version of Flash Player

Open an Internet browser and navigate to (see Resources below).

Look for the Macromedia Flash Player link listed under the "Multimedia" heading on the main page and click it. Macromedia originated Flash Player but was later purchased by Adobe, which is why the program is now called Adobe Flash Player.

Select the old version of Macromedia Flash Player to be downloaded from the list of available versions.

Click on the icon over the older version of Macromedia Flash Player to install it.

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