How to Install MS Office Outlook on Windows 7

by Matthew Burley

Microsoft Outlook is an email management program that offers a variety of organizational tools including a calendar, address book and task list. Outlook is popular both among individual users and businesses for the features it can add to standard email accounts. It can be purchased as standalone software or it can be downloaded from Microsoft's website. Once you have acquired a copy of the software and a product key, you can begin installing the program on your Windows 7 computer.

Step 1

Insert your Microsoft Outlook installation disc into the disc drive on your computer, or double-click the downloaded installation file. If you see an "AutoPlay" pop-up window after inserting the disc, click "Run SETUP.EXE."

Step 2

Type your product key into the field in the center of the window, and then click "Continue."

Step 3

Check the box next to "I accept the terms of this agreement," and then click "Continue."

Click "Upgrade" if you have a previous version of Outlook on your computer or click "Install" if you are installing the program for the first time.


  • While other Microsoft Office 2010 programs can coexist on the same computer as previous versions of Office, Microsoft Outlook cannot. Previous versions of Outlook will be replaced when you install Outlook 2010. Note, however, that Outlook will import any existing accounts and settings into your new Outlook installation.


  • The Outlook 2010 installation disc is a DVD. Verify that the disc drive on your computer is a DVD drive and not a CD drive, otherwise you will need to download the installation file.

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