How to Install Nvidia Drivers in Windows XP

by Andrew Meer

Devices such as video cards require driver software to work properly with an operating system. Without a display driver, a video card will not support higher desktop resolutions or run video games. A computer without display drivers will also experience significant performance lags. NVIDIA provides a range of display drivers for video cards that are compatible with Windows XP.


Download the NVIDIA Driver Setup for your video card from the NVIDIA website (see Resource).


Double-click the downloaded NVIDIA Driver Setup file.


Enter a destination to extract the NVIDIA driver files into the "Extracttion Path" field.


Click "Agree and Continue."


Click the radio button next to "Express" and click "Next." The NVIDIA setup automatically installs the NVIDIA display driver.


Click "Restart Now" to restart your computer.

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As an ardent tech fan, Andrew Meer loves writing about the latest in computer hardware and software. Since 2006, he has worked as a level designer and programmer for various video game companies. Meer holds a Bachelor of Science in game and simulation programming from DeVry University, California.

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