How to Install a Nexxtech Webcam Without a CD-ROM (4 Steps)

By Trisha Bartle

With a NexxTech webcam, you can have online video chats with friends and family, record personal videos or take pictures for your computer. As you get a new computer, you'll have to reinstall the software. This can be a problem if you can't find the original installation CD-ROM that came with the NexxTech webcam. Fortunately, you can install a NexxTech webcam without a CD-ROM. Once properly installed, you can once again connect with people by video.

Step 1

Plug the NexxTech webcam into your computer. Windows will automatically look for drivers for your webcam. If the device wizard finds a driver and installs it onto your system, you will have immediate access to your webcam. If it can't find a driver, then you'll have to look online for one manually.

Step 2

Visit a driver website such as Driver Guide or The Source. Search for your NexxTech webcam from the driver list based on the model number. Find the model number on the front or underside of your NexxTech webcam.

Step 3

Download a driver made specifically for your NexxTech webcam model and your computer operating system. Save the setup file on your desktop. Double-click the setup file to run the driver installation wizard. Follow all on-screen instructions to complete installation. Click the "Finish" button when the installation has finished.

Step 4

Check if the webcam works by going to the NexxTech webcam software that was installed along with the driver. You can find the program in your computer's Start menu or on the desktop. If the webcam is working, you have correctly installed the software without a CD-ROM. If the installation didn't work, try one of the other drivers you found during your search.