How to Install the New Microsoft Word

By Bryan Roberts

Microsoft Word 2010 is a word processing program for the Microsoft Office 2010 software suite. Like other versions of Microsoft Word, this program allows you to create documents, labels, envelopes and almost anything else that involves paper. If you want to install Word 2010 to your computer, you can do it without an installation disc.

Download the Microsoft Office 2010 suite from the Microsoft Office Web site. If you wish to download the free trial, you can do so from the same Web site.

Double-click the installation file once it has downloaded to your computer to begin the installation program.

Select the "Install" option in the main menu to begin installing the collection of office programs to your computer. To install only "Word," select the "Customize" option in the man menu, then select the "Microsoft Word" option in the customize menu. Select the "Continue" button to begin the installation.

Enter your activation key into the activation window after installation is completed. Your activation key will be in the installation file you download from the Web site. Use the word program once the activation key is verified.