How to Install Network Adapters

by Tiffany Garden

Your computer uses a network adapter to communicate with a router, either wirelessly or through an Ethernet connection. Many computers come with network adapters already installed or included on the computer's motherboard. If your computer does not have a network adapter, or you would like to add a wireless network adapter, you can install an internal PCI card on your computer to add the networking capability.

Shut down your computer and take the cables out of the back.

Remove the computer case cover. You may have to unscrew the side panel, take off the entire cover or open a side window, depending on the case design.

Unscrew the slot cover next to a PCI slot. The slot cover is a long metal cover that goes over the slots on the back of the computer case. Keep the screw from the slot.

Slide the network adapter into the PCI slot, applying pressure along the entire card. The card is properly in place when it only moves slightly if you press up or down on it. Secure the card using the slot cover screw. Put the case cover on your computer and reinsert all cables.


  • close Static electric discharge can cause serious damage to your computer, and occurs even after you unplug the power cable from your computer. Use an antistatic wrist strap connected to the computer chassis to prevent static damage to your network adapter or other system components.

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