How to Install a Netgear Router With Hughes Satellite

by Jonah Quant
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Hughes Network Systems sells high-speed Internet access over satellite. Each subscriber receives a HughesNet satellite modem; the modem bridges network packets between the subscriber's local (personal or business) network and HughesNet's connection to the Internet. Satellite modems do not have Wi-Fi capabilities. You can, however, configure your Netgear wireless router to provide a wireless network on top of the wired Internet connection provided by HughesNet.

Step 1

Turn on the Netgear router. Connect an Ethernet cable to its "WAN" port; connect the other end of the cable to the satellite modem.

Step 2

Connect the computer to any of the numbered ports on the back of the Netgear router, using the other Ethernet cable.

Step 3

Launch a Web browser on the computer and navigate to the configuration menus for the router. The Web address depends on the router's model. For example, for a Netgear WPN824, the address is "".

Configure the basic characteristics of the wireless network. For example, for a WPN824, click "Wireless Settings." Enter a name of your choice for the wireless network into the "SSID" field. Select the region of the world where you are using the pull-down menu next to "Region," then select "g and b" from the "Mode" pull-down menu. Click "Apply." At that point, the Netgear router will be ready to provide a wireless network on the HughesNet connection.

Items you will need

  • Two Ethernet cables

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