How Do I Install NeatDesk?

by Andrew Tennyson
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The NeatDesk scanner and smart organization system scans receipts, documents and business cards. It then automatically extracts and identifies important information contained within them. Pretty neat. But the device only works if you install and set it up properly.

Step 1

Download the latest version of Neat software for the NeatDesk scanner from the company’s website (link in Resources). Although the NeatDesk comes with a CD, Neat regularly releases updated software for the device designed to improve its performance with computers running the Windows 8.1. operating system. The software is free.

Step 2

Open the downloaded installation file and follow the prompts to have your computer install the necessary drivers and software. You must install the software before connecting the NeatDesk scanner to your computer.

Step 3

Connect the power cable to an electrical outlet and the USB cable to a USB port on your computer. Both cables come with the NeatDesk scanner and the ports to which they connect are clearly labelled on the back of the device.

Step 4

Seat the receipt and cards tray inside the document feeder on the top of the NeatDesk scanner.

Step 5

Launch Neat software on your computer and click the downward-facing arrow icon located next to the Scan button on the main menu. Configure the settings you want to apply to your first scan. You can set document detection type and color settings and opt to use either two-sided or one-sided scanning.

Step 6

Slip your document into the document feeder and press the “Scan” button on the main menu or the physical “Scan” button on the front of the NeatDesk. If you want to scan directly to a PDF file, press the “PDF” button on the NeatDesk scanner.

View the results of the scan on your computer screen. Check the displayed figures and fields against the original document and correct them on your screen, if necessary.


  • Feed single-sided documents into the NeatDesk face-up.
  • You may find a piece of red warning tape over the USB port on the back of the NeatDesk scanner. This tape is there to remind you to install the software before connecting the USB cable. Remove the tape and discard it after installing the software.
  • If you find performance of the NeatDesk begins to degrade, take advantage of the Calibrate tool. Launch Neat software on your computer, click the arrow next to the Scan button and then click “Calibrate” to recalibrate the device.
  • Take advantage of the Import tool in Neat to import PDF files stored on your computer. Select a folder on the navigation pane. This is the folder into which the PDF file will be imported. Click “Import," select “PDF,” click the “Browse” button and double-click the PDF file you want to import into Neat.
  • The NeatDesk scanner and Neat 5 software are compatible with computers running Windows 7 and Windows 8. Neat recommends that your computer have at least 2GB of RAM, 1GB of available hard-disk space and a dual-core processor.


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