How to Install the Mywebsearch Toolbar

By Garrett Genet

The Mywebsearch toolbar is an add-on for the Internet Explorer Web browser (versions 5.0 and above) that allows you to customize it in various ways. You can search the Web through any search engine right from the toolbar, or configure personalized news and sports links. You can also download more add-ons for the toolbar itself, providing you with functions like pop-up blocking, smileys, screensavers, mouse cursors or stock photos.

Navigate to the Mywebsearch website (see References).

Click "Click Here to Start."

Accept the "End User License Agreement" by clicking "Accept." If you see a yellow bar appear at the top of your browser asking for permission to install an "Active X" control, click it and then select "Allow."

Follow any on-screen instructions to complete installation. The toolbar will appear in your Web browser after you restart it.