How to Install Mouse Drivers

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When installing a mouse on some computers a person will need to install the drivers for that mouse to make the device operate correctly. An individual does not need an advanced computer degree to install a mouse driver. All it takes is the ability to read and follow directions.

Reboot your computer to begin the installation process. To reboot the computer first select "Start" from the main operating system. Then choose "Turn off computer" from the start menu. Finally, click on "Restart computer" from the power dialog box and this measure will begin the rebooting process.

Insert the disk that contains the driver in the CR-ROM drive after the reboot finishes. If you do not have the disk, then go to the mouse manufacturer's web site to download the driver.

Notice that the "Add new hardware" dialog should appear after you insert the disk. Choose "OK" from this dialog box. Then locate the CD-ROM drive that contains the driver, select the drive and then click "Next" to finish the driver installation process.

Plug the mouse into the computer to verify the driver installation was successful. If the mouse is not working, move on to step five.

Install the mouse driver manually if the mouse is still not working. Double click on "My computer" located on the desktop of the computer. Then choose the drive that contains the mouse driver disk. Once the file is open, search for a file entitled "setup.exe" and double click on that file. This will install the mouse driver manually.

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