How to Install Mitchell on Demand Onto an External Hard Drive

By Edward Mercer

You can install files and programs on an external hard drive to save space on your main computer disk.
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Mitchell On Demand, currently in its fifth version and known by the commercial name of On Demand 5, is a technical management software for auto dealers and repair shops. The software allows you to quickly look up parts and models to identify recent information about recalls or guidance for repairs and maintenance. This robust information system is maintained by an Internet connection to a server database, yet the program requires that you install a basic framework. Although this framework is rather light, if you're really pressed for space of your hard drive you can also install it on an external disk by following a few simple steps.

Installing an External Hard Drive

Step 1

Connect your external hard drive to a power source. Ignore this step if your external disk receives power through a USB connection.

Step 2

Connect your external hard drive to the computer by connecting the drive to your USB port, Firewire or external Serial ATA port.

Step 3

Follow the on-screen directions for installation as soon as your computer has recognized the external device. Insert any disk or software that came with your external hard disk during this process if the installation process requests it.

Step 4

Verify correct installation by entering the file manager or finder and confirming that you now have a new disk registered on your computer. External hard drives usually appear as "Removable Disk" or "External Drive" after your main hard drive on the list of disks.

Installing Mitchell On Demand

Step 1

Insert the installation disk or, in the case of purchasing the software as an on-line download, double-click on the installation file for Mitchell On Demand. The installation process will begin and guide you through the steps of registration and installation.

Step 2

Select your external hard drive from the location options when the installation process asks you where you want to save the new program. Select the drive from the drop down list of options and, if you already have folders set up on your external hard drive, select the directory inside the disk where you want to save the application.

Step 3

Click on the "OK" button to begin saving the program on your external hard drive. Wait for the operating system to completely finish saving the program and then, if you want to use the program immediately, double-click on the application from the directory you just saved it in to run Mitchell On Demand. As long as your external drive is connected, your computer will be able to run the application as if it were saved on your standard hard disk and access the Internet to use the on-line features of the system.