How to Install Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop

by Sam N. Austin

The Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop 1000 hardware set includes the Microsoft Wireless MultiMedia Keyboard Version 1.1a, Microsoft Standard Wireless Optical Mouse Version 1.0a and the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Receiver version 2.1a. The receiver connects to your computer through a USB port. The product installation CD that ships with the hardware set includes the software drivers that are required to install the Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop hardware on your Windows computer.

Step 1

Insert the batteries that are included with the hardware set in the keyboard and mouse. The battery installation latches are located on the bottom of the hardware devices.

Step 2

Place the product installation CD in your computer's CD drive. The hardware installation wizard will open automatically.

Step 3

Plug the receiver into an open USB port on your computer when prompted.

Step 4

Follow the wizard to synchronize the mouse and keyboard with the receiver.

Close the wizard when it finishes to complete the installation process.


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