How to Install Microsoft Office 2007 without a CD

by Contributor

It used to be you always needed a CD to install Microsoft Office 2007. With netbook computers, it became necessary to preinstall Microsoft Office and offer it on a trial basis. You no longer need the CD, but there is a trick to installing this. So whether you just got a new computer or just have a need for Microsoft Office, here is your chance to learn how to install it the new way.

Go to your Windows start menu, all programs, and find the icon that states Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office 60 day free trial.

Click on it and allow it to open. This will bring up a dialog box on the screen asking for a key or offering trial options.

Run the Windows Genuine Verification tool. It should come out alright, but if it does not come back genuine, you will not be able to enter the key using this method.

Enter the license key exactly as found inside the cover of Microsoft Office 2007. Do not include the dashes.

Press your enter key or validate and wait for the Internet to validate your registration key online. If it does not go through, re-enter it again. You should see a green check mark after it.

Items you will need