How to Install MicroSD in an LG Phone

By C. Taylor

As the name implies, a microSD card is a smaller version of a standard SD card. Although small, it still retains high storage capacity. Certain LG phones offer a microSD card slot to enable accessing and saving data onto the card. This also offers a convenient way to transfer photos, music and other data between phones or to your computer.

Step 1

Lift up on the small plastic tab which covers the microSD card and rotate it out of the way. This tab is located on the right side of your LG phone.

Step 2

Align the MicroSD card with the smaller end toward the slot and the metallic contacts pointed down.

Step 3

Push the microSD card into the slot until you hear a "click," which signifies it has been properly engaged.

Step 4

Close the protective plastic cover over the slot.

Select "Yes" if you receive a notice on your screen to format the card. Although most cards have already been formatted, some have not and must be formatted before use.