How to Install Maps in a Garmin Nuvi

by Aaron Wein

Garmin regularly releases map updates for the Nuvi, an automotive GPS device. These maps include vital navigation information, such as new roads, number of lanes and points of interest. But don't expect your Nuvi to automatically download new maps as they become available. Instead, Garmin requires you to complete the process using computer software which is available online.


Use your Nuvi's USB cable to connect the device to your computer.


Log into your MyGarmin account (see Resources). If you do not have an account, click "Create new account" and follow the sign-up process. Be sure to register your Nuvi when creating your account.


Click "Get Now," located beneath the "New Maps Available" notification. If you do not see the notification, then your Nuvi already has the latest maps.


Click the "Download" link corresponding to your operating system.


Click "Run" when prompted to install the "Garmin Communicator Plug-in." After the plug-in downloads, a new page will open telling you the status of the download preparation process.


Click "Launch Download Manager" when the button appears and save the program to your computer.


Launch the Download Manager when the download completes. The software will install to your computer, then open.


Click "Next" when an introduction screen appears.


Click "Next" when asked to connect your Nuvi to your computer.


Accept Garmin's terms of agreement and click "Next." The maps will begin to install to your Nuvi.


Click "Finish" when the installation process completes.


  • close Do not disconnect your Nuvi from your computer during the map installation process.

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