How to Install Magic Jack on a Cell Phone

By Kay Ireland

Cellphone -- especially smartphone -- bills can be high, thanks to contract prices, extra data fees and long distance costs. Using a third party call service like magicJack allows you to cut down costs incurred from calling out-of-network phones, long distance charges and minute overage fees. Unfortunately, as of 2011, the magicJack app is only available for iPhone. Installing magicJack on your phone is a simple process and allows you to make free calls using your cellphone network or WiFi connection immediately.

Step 1

Touch "App Store" on your iPhone's home screen.

Step 2

Tap the "Search" button, found at the bottom of the screen and denoted with a magnifying glass.

Step 3

Tap the search field and type "magicJack."

Step 4

Touch the magicJack icon that appears with a green telephone graphic. The magicJack app is free to download and use. Tap "Install" and enter your Apple ID to download the application to your phone.

Step 5

Touch the app once it's been installed and choose whether you want to sign in using an existing magicJack user account or you'd like to create your own. You can also make a call without signing in by choosing the third option.

Step 6

Allow the phone keypad interface to load and make calls as you normally would.