How to Install Macromedia Flash Player 6 for Free

by Ryan Bauer

Macromedia Flash Player 6 is a free software utility released in 2003 to enable Flash support in web browsers. Adobe has since taken over the Macromedia organization, and many improved versions of Flash have been released since version 6. However, the older version remains useful to software developers looking to compatibility-test their applications among several software platforms. Version 6 can no longer be obtained from Adobe or Macromedia's website, so it must be downloaded from a third-party site.

Download Macromedia Flash Player 6 from a software archive website, such as Old Apps or Older Version. Flash Player 6 contains all of the needed files inside a single zip file. When the browser asks you what to do with the file, choose to open it. Once the download has completed, the contents of the zip file will appear on the screen.

Understand that the zip file contains multiple folders, each one holding the setup file for a sub-version of Flash Player 6. If you don't need a specific sub-version for software testing, select the highest numbered one, which is 79. The folder will contain multiple files. Select the one ending in "activex.exe". When prompted asking what to do with the file, select "Run."

Click "Yes" on the window that pops up asking you if you would like you install the Flash Player 6 ActiveX. Wait while the setup wizard automatically installs and configures Flash. When it has finished, restart your browser to complete the installation process.


  • check If you just need a normal version of Flash player for regular use, download the latest version from Adobe's website and install that instead.

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