How to Install Logitech X-530 Computer Speakers & One Subwoofer

By C. Taylor

Surround sound speakers include center, side and rear channels with a subwoofer.
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The Logitech X-530 surround sound system includes five speakers that total 45.1 watts attached to a 25-watt subwoofer. The 5.1 system's color-coordinated cables simplify the connections between the speakers, but the connection with your computer depends on the type of sound card you have. The X-530 speakers support sound cards with up to eight channels, but two-channel sound cards won't transmit audio to the rear speakers

Step 1

Position the subwoofer on the floor with at least 6 inches of space surrounding it.

Step 2

Position the speaker with the two cables (one triple-plug and one d-sub connector) in the front right position and place the speaker with the red plug in the front left position. The speakers should be on either side of your computer monitor with the right speaker within easy reach, because it houses the system controls.

Step 3

Position the speaker with the black plug in the rear right position and the one with a yellow plug in the rear left position. These should be separated by approximately the same distance as the front speakers.

Step 4

Place the center speaker on top or in front of your monitor.

Step 5

Plug the color-coordinated cables into the matching ports on the subwoofer. Connect the d-sub cable to the "Front Right" d-sub port and lock it in place with the two integrated thumbscrews.

Step 6

Connect the triple-plug cable from the front right speaker to your computer's sound card by matching colors, if available. If colors aren't available, use the labels. Connect the green plug to the "Front L/R" port, the black plug to the "Rear L/R" port and the orange plug to the "Center/Sub" port. Only two of these ports are available on four-channel cards, so connect only the green and black plugs and ignore the orange plug. For two-channel cards, connect the green plug to the solitary "Line in" port and ignore the orange and black plugs.

Step 7

Plug the power cord from the subwoofer to an electrical outlet and press the "Power" button on the front right speaker to complete installation.