How to Install a Logitech Chillstream Gamepad

by Mike Venture
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Using a mouse and keyboard is great for certain game types, but third-person action/stealth games, such as the "Assassin's Creed" or "Arkham Asylum" series, lend themselves better to a controller or gamepad. Logitech's Chillstream gamepad is modeled after the standard Xbox 360 controller, with the addition of a unique in-grip fan feature that's intended to cool sweaty hands.

Step 1

Connect the Logitech Chillstream's USB cable to a USB port on your computer. You should see several lights illuminate on the face of the Chillstream.

Step 2

Verify that the built-in fans work by cycling through the settings (on, off, intermittent) using the button below the left thumbstick.

Step 3

Click Start on your computer.

Step 4

Type "game controllers" in the search box and press "Enter."

Step 5

Double-click the Chillstream's entry in the list under "Controllers."

Step 6

Click the "Settings" tab, then "Calibrate."

Step 7

Click "Next."

Step 8

Follow the instructions on-screen to calibrate the Chillstream for use.

Click "Finish" to save the calibration.


  • Information in this article applies to Microsoft Windows 7. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.


  • Not all games support gamepads.
  • To use the Chillstream with a Windows XP computer, you'll need to download and install Microsoft's Xinput drivers prior to connecting the gamepad.


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