How to Install a Lexmark Printer

by M. Wade

If you have purchased a new Lexmark printer, you will have to follow several steps to set up hardware components and install software onto your computer before you will be able to use your new printer. Knowing what steps to follow and the order in which to take the steps will ensure that your new printer will operate properly. It will also help you accurately troubleshoot any problems that might arise before or after you have finished setting up your Lexmark printer.

Power up the printer. Plug the power cord into the back of the printer and press the power button one time to turn the printer on. If the printer does not respond, make sure that the power cord is completely plugged into the printer and the power outlet.

Insert inkjet print cartridges. If you have an inkjet printer, unwrap the print cartridges that came with your printer and securely fasten them in the printer cartridge carriage inside the printer. How to insert the inkjet cartridges will vary depending on the model of your Lexmark printer. Regardless of the model, you should not manually drag the print cartridge carriage over to install the cartridges. All inkjet models have a carriage that automatically moves to allow you easy access for installing cartridges. Be sure that the ink cartridges are firmly secured in the carriage before using the printer.

Plug the USB cable into the printer. Plug the type B connector end (the smaller square-shaped end) of the USB cable into the designated port on the printer. Do not plug the USB into the computer until prompted to do so by the installation CD.

Insert and run the installation CD. Most computers will run the setup program automatically after you insert the CD. If your computer does not automatically do this, select your CD drive and explore the contents of the CD. Double-click the "setup.exe" file. Follow the instructions the installation program provides.

Print a test page. After you have completed installing the software for your printer, you will have the option to print a test page. This will confirm whether your installation and setup was successful. Be sure that you have loaded paper into the appropriate tray before printing a test page.


  • check To make sure that the installation of your Lexmark printer is not interrupted, close any programs or windows you may have open and running on your computer before you run the installation CD. If you have misplaced the installation CD that came with your Lexmark printer, visit the Lexmark website, search for your printer model and download the appropriate software and drivers. Most new printers do not come with a USB cable. You will need to purchase one before you will be able to set up your printer.


  • close Before setting up the printer, be sure that all of the contents listed on the printer packaging is there. If pieces are missing, return the printer to the retailer, call the Lexmark Technical Support hotline or visit the Lexmark website for other contact methods.

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