How to Install Labtec Speakers

By Peyton Brookes

Computer speakers expand the reach and quality of sound.
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Labtec, Inc. was founded in 1982 and develops peripheral devices and accessories for computers. The company offers a range of computer speakers that offer clarity, according to the company's website. Labtech offers several speaker models, each with basic installation requirements. Installing Labtec speakers requires the appropriate plugs and a power source. In addition, some Labtec speakers require a driver, a small program that enables communication between a computer and the speakers. Minimal time and effort is required to install Labtec speakers properly.

Remove the speakers from their packaging. Make sure the required plugs are included. To install speakers you need a link between the computer's sound card and the speaker. Additionally, your speakers should include a power plug.

Install any required software. Some older Labtec models, such as the LCS-1040 series, require software installation. If you do not have the software visit the Labtec website for information on installing the files. Match the correct software with your Labtec model number. You can find the model number on the speakers or packaging.

Insert the speaker's audio plug into the Line Out or Speakers plug on your computer. This creates a link between the computer's sound card and the speakers. Alternatively, if you own an Arena 675 or similar model, installation varies based on the number of channels your sound card contains.

Insert the speaker's power cord into a power source. Turn the speakers on by positioning the power button to the "On" position.

Turn on your audio to test the speakers. Turn the volume and balance controls to ensure proper operation.