How to Install a Keyboard Driver

by Kefa Olang

Keyboard drivers are installation files that enable computers to communicate with your keyboard. When you purchase a new, advanced keyboard, plugging it in doesn't just do the trick; your computer needs to be alerted of the new device. This is where drivers come in. Occasionally, keyboard drivers become corrupt with system changes and configurations, and your computer fails to respond when you push the buttons. In such a case, drivers have to be re-installed to renew that communication between the two devices.

Plug the keyboard into the appropriate port on your computer. The "Add new Hardware Wizard" window will open when the computer recognizes the new device.

Insert the installation disc that comes with your keyboard into the CD-ROM drive, and click "Next" on the hardware wizard.

Select "Install software from a list or a specific location, and click "Next." Click "Browse," and select the CD-ROM drive with your installation disc. Click "OK."

Click "Next" to automatically install the drivers from the select disc. When the process is complete, a message will pop-up saying your device is installed and ready for use.

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