How to Install Java Script for Free

by Greyson Ferguson

Javascript is a Web-based program that allows you to program applications to run alongside of, or along with, other computer software. Javascript is a specific scripting language created by Sun Microsystems. Luckily it is available via free download from the Java website and is compatible with just about every major operating system, including Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris.

Navigate to the website: This site provides links to a wide variety of different operating systems, from Windows Vista to Linux x64.

Click the appropriate download for your system. The download begins momentarily. It is typically saved onto the desktop or in a pop-up window marked "Downloads."

Double-click the downloaded Javascript to launch the installation wizard. You are presented with the license agreement. Read through the agreement and approve it by clicking the "accept" box, then click "Next." You can not install Javascript without accepting the license agreement.

Follow the prompts until Javascript begins to install. Once the installation is finished you can click "Finish" and the program is ready to be used.


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