How to Install Java to Play Pogo

By Alan Donahue

Install Java on your Computer
i laptop computer image by Photoeyes from includes games like checkers, chess and "Word Whomp," but none of those games are playable without Java. Java is a Web environment application that is compatible with all browsers and operating systems. Many websites, including, need Java to operate fully, and installing Java is a free and easy process that takes no longer than 10 minutes. Java is not available as a CD application and must be downloaded from the Internet to fully install.

Visit and click on a game that you want to play. Instead of the game loading, a small black rectangle will appear that says "Java is not installed."

Click on the blue link next to the error message. In a new tab or window,'s official download page will load onto the screen.

Choose your operating system and wait for the download link to appear. Click on the "Download" file, and when a window pops up, select the "Run" option. Wait for the download to complete and then the installation application will automatically start running.

Click on the "Accept" icon to agree to the installation.

Uncheck the box to install the Yahoo! toolbar on your browser. This toolbar will only create more clutter and most Internet browsers already have search browsers built into them. You do not need the Yahoo! toolbar to install Java.

Wait for the installation to complete. Follow the progress bar, which should quickly fill in less than a minute. Once the installation is complete, a message will appear on the screen.

Click on the "OK" button to exit out of the Java installer.

Reload the game page. Click on any game and make sure that the game plays properly.

Install any Java updates that appear as information bubbles at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. Updates are essential for stopping malware from infecting your computer. Updates usually become available every couple of months and only require a few minutes to download.