How to Install Java 7

by Michael Dominick

Java 7 is the next iteration of the popular Java programming language. Developers looking to get ahead of the Java curve can start using the Java 7 software development kit (SDK) right now from Sun's website. This allows developers to take advantage of some of the advances in the new version of Java and, hopefully, have their software ready for the Java 7 runtime environment (JRE) is released to the general public.

Go to the Java 7 SDK download page and click on the button to download the SDK. Depending on your connection's speed, the download could take several minutes to complete. When presented with multiple download options, select the most recent one, as it will download the most finished and polished version of the software.

Run the installation file once the download has finished. Leave all the default settings and follow the on-screen instructions to begin the installation.

Allow the installation to finished uninterrupted. If you are using a slower system, it is a good idea to close all other programs during the installation. If the installation crashes, you may need to remove all installed components completely and retry the installation.

Reconfigure any integrated development environments (IDEs) that are configured to work with any older version of Java to use 7. How exactly this is done will vary depending the IDE, but most of them will have you navigate to the new SDK in a similar way you would navigate to a file, so it is important to note where you installed 7.

Write a simple program, such as the famous "hello world," to test that everything is configured correctly. If the program compiles and runs, then you are done and are ready to start working with Java 7.


  • check One of the reasons that companies release beta software is to bug-test the software. If you have a stake it in how well Java 7runs when it is officially released, you might consider reporting any bugs or other anomalies you notice while using the software to Sun, as that would help them improve Java and lead to the official version being more polished.


  • close Java 7 is still beta software, which means that it could be somewhat buggy and some functionality may not be there yet. Generally, it is not recommended that you install beta software on a production environment, as beta software could potentially damage your system.

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