How to Install Ink Cartidges in a Canon iP1600

by Jason Artman

The Canon Pixma iP1600 is a low-cost inkjet printer specially optimized for photo printing. If you have printed many borderless photos on your Pixma iP1600, you may find that certain colors are less vivid or missing entirely when you print a page. This is a sign that at least one ink cartridge needs to be replaced. Replace the ink cartridges in your Canon Pixma iP1600 if print quality declines due to low ink levels.

Turn the iP1600 on if it isn't already, then swing the top door of the printer open. Wait for the ink cartridges to move to the printer's left compartment before continuing.

Push an ink cartridge down until it pops out of the holder, then remove it from the holder. Remove the left cartridge if you are out of blank ink, or the right cartridge if you are out of color ink.

Take the replacement ink cartridge out of the package and remove the orange film covering the nozzle at the bottom. Avoid touching the nozzle while doing this.

Install the replacement ink cartridge with the front tilted downward slightly. When the cartridge is all the way into the carrier, push up until it snaps into position.

Repeat this process with the second ink cartridge if you are replacing both.


  • close The Canon Pixma iP1600 will not print unless both ink cartridges are installed. Do not attempt to operate the printer with only one ink cartridge.

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