How to Install an Infinity Speaker

By Patrick Hutchison

Choose a high quality wire to get the most out of your Infinity speaker.
i speaker wire image by Paolo from

Infinity is an electronics manufacturer specializing in audio equipment. Use of Infinity speakers, subwoofers and receivers range from cars to home theaters. Infinity speakers are designed to offer the best sound possible. In order to maximize the technology and the design that Infinity offers, proper setup is critical. Install your Infinity speaker correctly and begin enjoying crystal clear audio.

Place your Infinity speaker in the desired location. Depending on the type of speaker and the audio system you are using, speakers may mount on table tops, walls or directly onto speaker stands. If mounting to a stand or the wall, use a strong bracket to ensure the speaker is secure.

Using a wire cutter, slice a piece of speaker wire long enough to reach from the Infinity speaker to the receiver. Your speaker wire may need to go around furniture and other obstructions, so cut the length accordingly.

Strip the wires at both ends using a wire stripper and pull the positive and negative wires slightly apart.

Insert the positive wire into the receiver's positive terminal and the negative wire into the negative terminal. Red terminals are positive and black terminals are negative. The wire with a stripe on it is positive and the wire without the stripe is negative. Most Infinity speakers use either screw posts or spring tabs to close onto the wires. For screw post terminals, insert the wires into the terminals and tighten the posts onto the wires. For spring tabs, depress the tab and insert the wire, releasing the tab to secure the wire.