How to Install HP Printer Ink Cartridges

By Jennifer Claerr

Installing HP printer cartridges in an HP printer is a fairly simple operation. However, there are many options which you can use in the print manager to make the process more efficient, and ensure that your documents print properly.

Ensure that you have the correct HP printer cartridge for your HP printer model. The correct printer models for each ink cartridge are clearly printed on the side of the printer cartridge box. You do not need the exact model of the printer; instead, just get the series. For example, I have an HP OfficeJet 710, so I would look for HP OfficeJet series 700 on the side of the printer cartridge box.

Remove the old HP ink cartridge or cartridges and save them to be recycled. You can recycle them at just about all of the places where ink cartridges are sold. Also, many office stores will give you a coupon for merchandise if you turn in the old cartridges to them.

Remove the blue film from the nozzle of the HP printer cartridge. Turn the cartridge so that the white label with the blue HP logo is facing you, the gray part of the cartridge is facing up, and the nozzle is facing downward. Depending on your printer model, the carriage will have some black and colored dots on the top. One of these sections will have a black dot, or a black dot with two colored dots beside it. Install the black cartridge here. The other section will have a yellow, red and blue dot in a row. This is where you install the color cartridge. Push the cartridges in firmly, but don't force them in. Close the printer cover.

Check the readout of your printer. It may ask you whether you have installed a new or used black cartridge, for example. If the cartridge has ever been used to print before, even if it's only in your printer, select used. Otherwise, select new.

Ensure that there is adequate paper loaded in your paper tray. Open your HP printer manager and select Settings and Maintenance. Click the Maintenance tab and select Align Print Cartridge. Click Align.

Take the newly printed paper out of the document tray. You will see two series of lines in red and black. Examine these lines to see which are in the best alignment. Enter the number or letter for the best aligned lines in the dialogue box which has appeared on your screen. Click Continue. A new page will print. This page will have a box in black and red, and a cross in black and red.

Check the lines on the new printout to see if they are properly aligned. If you are satisfied with the alignment of these lines, you're finished. If they still seem out of alignment, repeat steps 4 and 5 to run the alignment again.