How to Install a Hard Drive in a Gateway Computer

By Katy Lindamood

There are many reasons to change a computer hard drive. Maybe your old drive is dead, or maybe you just need some more space! Regardless, changing the drives on a Gateway computer couldn't be easier to do yourself, thanks to Gateway's user-friendly case design. In just a matter of minutes, you can have your old hard drive pulled and your new one plugged in, installed, and ready to go!

Out with the old!

Back up any data that you wish to keep either to an optical disk such as a DVD, or back it up to the network if your computer is connected to one.

Shut down your computer, and unplug the power cord. Unplug all cords running from your computer's case. You should have a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, and Speakers. You will also need to unplug any network cables or telephone lines.

Lay down a towel, and Place your computer on a flat, level work surface at a comfortable height. Make sure that the surface is very sturdy and will support the weight of the computer easily.

Remove the thumbscrews from the rear of your computer's casing. Gateway desktop computers use large thumbscrews that are easy to grasp and turn, without the aid of tools.

Remove the side of the computer tower and set it aside. Lay your tower down so the open side of the computer is facing upward.

Shine your light into your computer case, so you can easily see your hard drive. Typically, on Gateway systems, the hard drive is located on the front of your case, directly behind the air vents.

In with the New!

Unplug the cable that attaches the hard drive to your computer. Move it to the side so it doesn't get damaged.

Remove the single screw holding in the hard drive bay using your screwdriver. It should be located on the bottom of the case. Pull the hard drive bay out of the computer, and loosen the two screws attaching the hard drive to the bay.

Remove the old hard drive from the hard drive bay, and set it aside. It may be stuck in there fairly well, so use a little pressure. Place your screws in the small bowl that you brought with you.

Take the hard drive with you to the computer store and purchase the same type of drive. It's very important to get the same type of drive that you already have. A clerk at the store can assist you with this.

Place the new hard drive into the bay, and screw the hard drive in. Once you have both screws tightened, replace the hard drive bay into your tower case, and reattach the screw that holds the drive bay to the case. Attach the cable the same way as it was before you removed the old drive.

Replace the side of your case and reattach the thumbscrews. Reattach your cables for your monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. Also reattach your phone and/or network cables as well.