How to Install Hallmark Card Studio Into Windows

By Crystal Smith

Print your own greeting cards with personalized messages.
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The Hallmark Card Studio program allows you to create and print your own greeting cards using your personal computer. This software contains thousands of different designs, allows you to create custom messages and gives you the option of emailing or printing the final card. This software comes in on either a CD or DVD-ROM. If your computer does not automatically detect the disc, start the installation manually.

Automatic Installation

Insert the CD or DVD labeled "Disc 1" into your CD or DVD-ROM drive. Close the drive door. Wait for the Hallmark Card Studio screen to open.

Click the "Next" button when the welcome screen launches. Read the license agreement and click on the "I accept" button.

Click on the "Next" button to move on to the next screen. Select the options you want to install on the following screens; click "Next" on each screen when you've selected the options you want.

Remove the disc from the drive when prompted and replace it with the disc labeled "Disc 2." If you have the DVD version, there will only be one disc. Wait 10 seconds after closing the drive door, then right-click on the "OK" button.

Click the "Finish" button to complete the installation.

Manual Installation

Insert the first Hallmark Card Studio disc into the disc drive. Double-click on "My Computer" on your desktop or in the Start menu.

Right-click the CD or DVD-ROM drive you inserted the disc into. This drive will have a Hallmark Crown icon next to it. Select "Open" from the pop-up menu.

Double-click the "Hallmark" folder.

Double-click the "Hallmark Card Studio" icon. The InstallShield wizard for Hallmark Card Studio will start. Follow the automatic installation instructions to install the software.